Outsourcing is good for our clients and for developed economies

The shortage of engineering skills is acute in the UK and today there are few people left with the skills and desire to do reinforcement detailing. Using our services:

- Lets you focus on providing higher value services to your own clients, while we take care of labour intensive work
- Saves you money by shifting your staff to higher value work
- Manages surges in workload and minimizes costs during slow periods

Outsourcing allows companies from developed economies to remain competitive at an international level in spite of the high labour costs at home. It allows them to focus on doing what they are best at, providing higher value services such as design and consultancy services, and to remain at the forefront of globalisation.

The common view that outsourcing of services takes jobs away from people in developed countries has been shown to be misleading. In fact several surveys have shown that companies that outsource services do not reduce their head count, but rather redeploy their staff to higher value services. In addition, the increase in business efficiency has a beneficial effect on the success of companies generally, leading to employment growth.

Outsourcing is good for India and our staff

Contrarily to what many people believe in the West, it is not easy to recruit high-quality engineers in India. We are committed to being an employer of choice by investing in our staff, valuing their contribution and giving them superior career prospects. We train them to work to the highest standards in Europe, pay salaries and benefits which are much higher than those in similar Indian companies, provide long-term career development and promote a professional working environment with a healthy work-life balance. We have a few women detailers in the office who benefit from an environment free of discrimination and we make it possible for them to combine family life with a career at Teczoom.

Time Difference with UK

Mumbai is 5.5 hours ahead of Greenwich Mean Time and 4.5 hours ahead during summer daylight saving time. Therefore our Mumbai office opens a few hours before London. We use the time difference to our advantage: if a client sends us instructions at the end of the day in London, we can start working on it right away early the following day in Mumbai.

Time Difference with USA

Mumbai is 10.5 hours ahead of the Eastern Time Zone and 13.5 hours ahead of the Pacific Time Zone (9.5 and 12.5 respectively during daylight saving time). Most of our communication takes place by e-mail, but when we require a telephone conversation our engineer will be available to do this in the evening in Mumbai when it is the morning in the USA. We ask our clients to reply to queries and issue information by the end of their day so the people in Mumbai can get working immediately when they arrive.

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