Engineering Services for Structural Engineers & Contractors

TECZOOM is a UK owned company providing since 2004 services to structural engineers and construction companies in Europe and North America. Our team of engineers and detailers based in Nashik, near Mumbai, India, is currently working on projects in the UK, USA and Scandinavia. We have a high reputation for our ability to work on complex projects and deliver within the agreed timeframe.

We do only the highest quality work and work on high quality projects. We have detailed a 65 storey tower in New York, a 22 storey tower in the City of London and several complex multi storey basements deep below the water table. For most of our clients, we are the team of choice when a complex project comes up. Our prices are competitive, but our reputation is based on our ability to meet our clients’ expectations rather than our lower price.

We have a professional indemnity insurance policy covering our work worldwide with a UK based provider. We provide a quotation in advance of starting the job in British pounds, Dollars or Euros, payable in the UK.

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